Hello beautiful people!
Summer is officially in full swing! YAY! With the kiddos out of school, more daylight hours, and beautiful sunshine, it is time to enjoy every day a little bit more!
Anyone have vacation plans? Yes, please! Where are your favorite destinations? Comment below and tell me where you like to travel most! I LOVE to travel. There is nothing like getting out of your “bubble” and having new experiences!
With these adventurous travels, it is essential to care for your beautiful hair and skin! Davines has just released an all new line of products for summertime protection. It is called SU! Lets go over why these wonderful products can be useful and life changing for you!
SU Hair and Body Wash
After being exposed to the sun, this hair and body wash gently cleanses and hydrates. Made with natural citrus fruit extract for gentle cleansing and protection.
SU Hair Mask
Damage from the sun, salt and chlorine no more! This restorative mask leaves your hair glossy and soft with the help of jojoba seed oil, citrus extract, and sweet almond oil. This is an essential product for summer without a doubt! My go to restorative mask after the pool!
SU Hair Milk
Milk = Spray hair cream! AKA Magic in a bottle! You all know I love my milk sprays because they are light but very hydrating and beneficial! This little bottle of gold offers conditioning while maintaining the hair’s integrity while in the sun! So soft and light!
SU Aftersun
Last but not least, after sun exposure! This lovely tube is filled with a gel rich with Chinotto and Aloe Vera extract giving you that soothing sensation! Argan oil is also a added benefit, to ensure hydration! Aftersun will have your skin feeling refreshed!
Who is excited to try this new line? I AM! I am crazy about healthy hair, especially in the summer! I love that this line provides protection for both hair and skin. More bang for your buck – saving your hair and your wallet HAHA 🙂 any questions? Comment below or DM me for more info! 
Happy adventures! 

2019!!! The best year is yet to come!

Another year is among us, oh how time flies! Who has made their new year resolutions? I am not one to nail down a list of resolutions, but I do keep a list of goals to work towards. One might say that is the same thing, but non the less, I do love keeping myself motivated and moving forward with the bright things this beautiful life brings! Let’s talk about one of those goals 🙂

Ever wonder why hair is one of the most important aspects of your appearance? The color, length, thickness, dimension, texture, and many other qualities make every person unique. Whether you have thin hair, grey hair, blue hair, or no hair at all, your hair is a representation of yourself. 💁‍♀️ It represents your personality! Also, hair is one of the first things people notice. If you could have any hair color or style, what would it look like? What story would it tell about you? 📖 There are so many ways to be creative with your hair, from natural color to fashion color, extensions to wigs, and short to long. I love to paint and sculpt your canvas to fit those desires. From the latest balayage techniques to vibrant red hair, education is my bread and butter. Every year I set out to find the next best class to sign up for to expand my knowledge in this fun personal industry we call hair. 📝📚 I am excited to see what this year has to offer and bring my skills a step ahead. Creating art to reflect your personality and beauty is one of my greatest achievements. 🏆

What stories are you going to tell with your hair this year? What accomplishments and achievements will you tell the world? 🌎 What are people going to notice about your canvas?

Come allow me to paint your stories 🖌

Happy Fall

Anyone starting to smell the fall season aromas? Oh I am! Hello pumpkin spice everything! This is my time 😁 Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE pumpkin! So as you might imagine, I am indulging on my favorite dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee. ☕️ Talk about some yummy goodness! Who else likes pumpkin or maybe some other warm spices to enjoy this fall? 🍎  Apples are also in full swing, which is another one of my favs. Let the cooler temperatures begin, sooner than later, please!  Picture this, walking through the park with your yummy coffee or hot tea wearing a nice warm coat, along with a scarf, hat, and of course boots! Pretty magical, right? 🏞

Now, let’s talk about some beauty! 💁‍♀️ The first thing that comes to mind when entering fall is spicy aromas, warm colors, and more layers of clothing! 🧣🧤 👢 All of which compliment our hair and makeup. Hair is one of our best accessories. What do you like to change about your hair in the fall? Maybe adding some warmth such as a spicy dark red, vibrant copper, or a subtle golden tone? What about length? Need to make room for all of those other accessories? Well sure! Cutting  💇‍♀️ some length off isn’t always for summer. I also like adding some additional layering around the face for my ladies who like to keep their length! That way it opens the face and allows room for those additional accessories. I also like adding in some warmth to hair color. It adds more dimension to the hair and provides the warm tones the skin begins to lose the less we are out in the sun. This way you don’t appear washed out or pale. If coloring your hair these warm tones frightens you, no need to worry. Great Lengths hair extensions offer many different color tones and lengths. This is a great tool to experiment with different colors!  🎨 Great Lengths offers damage free, invisible bonding, and many different natural lengths. These beautiful extensions can add just a pop of color or a lot of color to transform your fall look. Getting extensions doesn’t always have to be a full head. Sometimes trying out a new color without having to dye your natural hair is the perfect solution. Try something new this season! Come try something you have always wanted but were too scared to go for 😀
Hair is always an important part of our daily routine. Enjoy the changing seasons with adding some fun into your hair! Hair is indeed one of our best accessories. Come spend some time with me and see just how much you can do something fun and interesting with your look.
See you soon! Happy Fall everyone! 🍂🍁

Bring on the heat!

Bring on the heat! School is out and the summer season is in full swing! Anyone have any big summer vacations planned? How about sitting by the pool reading a good book while the kiddos are letting out some energy? Whatever you may be up to this summer, bring on the sunscreen and a shorter hair style to keep you cool and in style!

As you all already know, I perform Great Lengths hair extensions. Not only does this wonderful service allow you to have longer hair, it can also add body and waves to your summer look. Who doesn’t love a full, shorter hair cut with the perfect beach waves? I know I sure do! Think Julianne Hough 🙂 beautiful hair right? Last year she was known for having short, full of life hair style with soft waves. Well, it is back and in high demand! Since Great Lengths is 100% natural hair, this also means the hair provides natural texture. With a simple shampoo and towel dry, you could have the beach hair you see in the magazines, no extra styling needed. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of trying out extensions. Don’t fight the humid hot weather, embrace it and go with easy. Length is not the only bonus extensions can have.

Want to hear more? Come visit with me and see the abundant styles Great Lengths can provide you.

Happy Summer!

Happy 2018!

Hello beautiful people! Happy 2018! I don’t know about you all, but I am glad to see 2017 go. New beginnings are among the horizon! This year is going to be filled with positive thinking and living. Taking extra time for yourself is the key to success and living a positive and healthy lifestyle. Everyone […]

Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season to be cheerful and thankful! Who’s ready? I sure am. This is my favorite time of year. Everyone is smiling and full of happiness. Holidays bring families together, businesses gathering for parties, and other special events for people to enjoy the season. And everyone is dressed to impress! To top off that […]

Greetings Fall

Greetings Fall!

My favorite time of year! Temperatures are perfect and everything is pumpkin spiced, yum! Time to start bringing out fun accessories, bring on the scarves, hats and boots. There is so much to love about the seasons changing. It is an opportunity to change your look, food, haircut, hair color, makeup and more. The ideas are endless. Hair color is one of my favorites to change up.

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Summer is Here!

The heat is rising! Summer is here and welcoming humidity, high temperatures, and cool pool days. I was getting a little spoiled with the mild summer weather we have been having, but now the hot heat is among us. Time for more pool days, taking a swim in the ocean, or enjoying a relaxing day on the lake. Did you know that chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils that can lead to dryness and sometimes breakage? I am sure you have heard this scenario hundreds of times, although many people have not been educated on some tricks and that can reduce these issues on your hair. Same goes for your chlorine pools, water parks, salt water pools and of course, the big blue ocean. There are steps you can take to dramatically improve your hair if you enjoy the water.

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Spring is among us!

Spring is among us! The warm weather is starting to arrive. Flowers and trees are blooming, the cool breezy wind is blowing, and the sun is shining bright! Fall and spring are my happy times. The humidity is lower than usual during these seasons in my area, therefore making great hair days more frequent. Who […]

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air! Can you believe February has arrived? Did everyone watch the Super Bowl? What a game! There is also another special day in February, Valentine’s Day. Why some may believe this holiday to be cliché or just another day, others enjoy the little romantic gestures this holiday brings. Although I think […]