Greetings Fall

Greetings Fall!

My favorite time of year! Temperatures are perfect and everything is pumpkin spiced, yum! Time to start bringing out fun accessories, bring on the scarves, hats and boots. There is so much to love about the seasons changing. It is an opportunity to change your look, food, haircut, hair color, makeup and more. The ideas are endless. Hair color is one of my favorites to change up.

For my cool colored ladies, if you are a lighter blonde, the “silver” or “icy” blonde is a great change for the cooler weather. By taking out the added warmth from the sun and adding in cooler tones can present a whole different look. As your skin pales and the pink undertones fade, adding a blue to violet tone to the hair accents the change in your skin tone. The
same concept applies if you are a darker blonde. Toning your hair to a cool shiny reflection would rejuvenate your look. Hair looks great when it shines! Also, if you are adventurous with color, one of my favorites is adding in a deep cool burgundy color using foils or balayage. This is stunning when added to cool blondes for fall. By only adding a few accent
pieces you are not committed to red hair, just a hint of depth.

For my warm colored ladies, if you are any shade of brunette, the warm “caramel” or “deep reds” mixed into your already gorgeous hair is an eye catcher. Maybe even a copper color if you are feeling a big change. These colors can be added in with foils or balayage to add the perfect dimension to your hair. I love the balayage look for brunettes. It creates a melted
look rather than a more harsh ombre. Natural looking hair is here to stay! Balayage is the way of the future. In addition to balayage, adding a glaze would make your new color shine vibrantly and create a healthy look.

Embrace the season change! This season is by far the most fun for me. I love everything about fall. What will you change for fall? Share yourideas! 🙂

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