Hello beautiful people! Happy 2018! I don’t know about you all, but I am glad to see 2017 go. New beginnings are among the horizon!

This year is going to be filled with positive thinking and living. Taking extra time for yourself is the key to success and living a positive and healthy lifestyle. Everyone needs a little “me” time. Is there something you have always wanted to do for yourself? It is time to treat yourself!

Having the ability to change your hair to the hair you have always desired is a great way to start. For women, having more hair is at the top of the list. We search endlessly for the best volume building products, hair fillers, and hair spray, only for them to last no more than a couple of hours! Allow me to share some education on hair extensions. Overall, hair extensions give you the exact desired look you have always wished for, from incorporating healthy chemical free dimensional color to adding fullness and body to your natural hair. Great Lengths is the number one brand of extensions in the world and I am grateful to offer these wonderful extensions. Great Lengths are 100% human hair sourced from the temples of India. I specialize in the cold fusion method, which uses ultrasonic waves to generate heat within the bond to mold around the natural hair versus the thermal method which utilizes heat. Cold fusion is my preferred choice, offering a more gentle application.

Now you are thinking what is a “bond”? Great Lengths has created and patented a natural bond made with keratin protein, the same protein your natural hair produces. The bond is softened with the ultrasonic waves to surround the natural hair it is being attached to. This creates a versatile and flawless application with the most natural results.

The next big question, will it damage my hair? The answer is absolutely not. Great Lengths require stylists to complete an in depth training course ensuring the best application possible. Caring for your new hair at home is equally important. I will give you the tools and tips to keep your natural hair and your beautiful new extensions in perfect shape. As long as you follow the home maintenance guide, you will have zero damage.

Finally, how long will Great Lengths last? This all depends on your desired look, home maintenance, and the current state of your natural hair. Overall, Great Lengths extensions last anywhere from 3-6 months. With a great application completed, now begins home maintenance. A special brush, anti tap water, and individual product recommendation are provided. What does all of this mean? Let me give some insight! Brushing your extensions is one of the most important steps! I recommend brushing a minimum of 2-3 times a day. This keeps your extensions from tangling, allowing the bonds to move freely with your natural hair. Also, whenever the bonds get wet, a special formulated anti tap water keeps your bonds from breaking down. This is sprayed on the bonds anytime they become wet or damp.

Bonds can break down faster due to fluctuating pH in water, salt water, and chlorine making this a very important step in home maintenance. If you are a frequent visitor to the beach and the pool, no problem. This is why the anti tap is your friend! Be sure to keep some with you when participating in these fun activities. With these tips and tools, this will ensure healthy, long lasting results.

Hair is one of a woman’s best accessory! Offering Great Lengths extensions has been such a blessing and privilege! Seeing how it can transform someone’s look is beyond rewarding. Whether you are thinning and want a minimal amount or you want the long and thick locks you have always tried to grow, Great Lengths offers the most customized options. Don’t be afraid to take the chance! Beautiful full hair is possible!

Questions? Ask! Not sure? Come find out more in my salon! Hair is my passion and I love sharing advice on how to positively impact your hair goals!