Happy Fall

Anyone starting to smell the fall season aromas? Oh I am! Hello pumpkin spice everything! This is my time 😁 Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE pumpkin! So as you might imagine, I am indulging on my favorite dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee. ☕️ Talk about some yummy goodness! Who else likes pumpkin or maybe some other warm spices to enjoy this fall? 🍎  Apples are also in full swing, which is another one of my favs. Let the cooler temperatures begin, sooner than later, please!  Picture this, walking through the park with your yummy coffee or hot tea wearing a nice warm coat, along with a scarf, hat, and of course boots! Pretty magical, right? 🏞

Now, let’s talk about some beauty! 💁‍♀️ The first thing that comes to mind when entering fall is spicy aromas, warm colors, and more layers of clothing! 🧣🧤 👢 All of which compliment our hair and makeup. Hair is one of our best accessories. What do you like to change about your hair in the fall? Maybe adding some warmth such as a spicy dark red, vibrant copper, or a subtle golden tone? What about length? Need to make room for all of those other accessories? Well sure! Cutting  💇‍♀️ some length off isn’t always for summer. I also like adding some additional layering around the face for my ladies who like to keep their length! That way it opens the face and allows room for those additional accessories. I also like adding in some warmth to hair color. It adds more dimension to the hair and provides the warm tones the skin begins to lose the less we are out in the sun. This way you don’t appear washed out or pale. If coloring your hair these warm tones frightens you, no need to worry. Great Lengths hair extensions offer many different color tones and lengths. This is a great tool to experiment with different colors!  🎨 Great Lengths offers damage free, invisible bonding, and many different natural lengths. These beautiful extensions can add just a pop of color or a lot of color to transform your fall look. Getting extensions doesn’t always have to be a full head. Sometimes trying out a new color without having to dye your natural hair is the perfect solution. Try something new this season! Come try something you have always wanted but were too scared to go for 😀
Hair is always an important part of our daily routine. Enjoy the changing seasons with adding some fun into your hair! Hair is indeed one of our best accessories. Come spend some time with me and see just how much you can do something fun and interesting with your look.
See you soon! Happy Fall everyone! 🍂🍁
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