Summer is Here!

The heat is rising! Summer is here and welcoming humidity, high temperatures, and cool pool days. I was getting a little spoiled with the mild summer weather we have been having, but now the hot heat is among us. Time for more pool days, taking a swim in the ocean, or enjoying a relaxing day on the lake. Did you know that chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils that can lead to dryness and sometimes breakage? I am sure you have heard this scenario hundreds of times, although many people have not been educated on some tricks and that can reduce these issues on your hair. Same goes for your chlorine pools, water parks, salt water pools and of course, the big blue ocean. There are steps you can take to dramatically improve your hair if you enjoy the water.

First, I like to start off by wetting my hair before entering the water. By using fresh water to saturate your hair before exposing it to harmful chemicals and salt, it allows the hair follicle to absorb just the clean water. Generally speaking, your hair only absorbs once from dry to completely wet. Filling the hair with clean water first is essential. This only helps create a barrier from unwanted absorption of the drying agents.

Second, I apply the OI All in One Milk with roucou oil. Roucou oil is rich in beta carotene  and stimulates the production of melanin (color within your hair). It also has antioxidant properties that protect against UV radiation. The melanin production keeps the grays away and frizz at bay! The super oil also minimizes cellular damage from sunexposure and strengthens strands while stimulating hair growth. It keeps your hair hydrated and detangles for a smooth and shiny look.

Third, once I have enjoyed the water, it is time for washing! I like to use a more cleansing shampoo to get any chemicals and salt out of the hair. I start with the Davines SOLU shampoo. This shampoo is gentle, but more cleansing than a typical shampoo. SOLU contains buckwheat extract which is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Buckwheat extract also mineralizing, astringent, and antioxidant properties. This makes for the perfect cleanse from a day in the water. Following the SOLU, I condition with the MOMO once again.

Finally, once I have completed cleansing it is time to condition! I always use vegan products, such as Davines. My go to conditioner for this step is the MOMO conditioner. This conditioner contains yellow melon extract which helps keep the hair remain balanced and restores damaged hair follicles. The aroma is amazing! As a hydrating products, it really lasts on the hair and creates optimal protection. Following this, I reapply the OI All in One Milk. Brush the product through the hair thoroughly and style as needed. This adds shine and body to your style and keeps your hair soft and healthy!

Summer is the perfect season to show your hair some extra “TLC” to protect against dry and brittle hair.

Enjoy the warmth and Summer vacations!

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