Spring is among us!

The warm weather is starting to arrive. Flowers and trees are blooming, the cool breezy wind is blowing, and the sun is shining bright! Fall and spring are my happy times. The humidity is lower than usual during these seasons in my area, therefore making great hair days more frequent. Who doesn’t love those? The joy of having your hair keep a style for an entire day is beyond exciting.

Spring is a great time to start introducing some lighter color back into your hair. Most people like to darken their hair starting in the fall for the winter months for many different reasons. Blondes enjoy a break from all of the highlighting they have received all summer to give the hair a break from lighteners. Reestablishing dimension that has been lost is also a plus. Dimension adds shadows and reflections to the hair making it appear fuller, thicker, and more natural. Next up, brunettes! They have most likely gone to a richer and darker brown for fall/winter and cover any balayage or sombre from the summer. Finally we have reds. My red colored guests will usually cool down their red color beginning in the fall. From bright “fire engine red” to vibrant cool violet burgundy reflection. So, by the time spring arrives, everyone is looking for a fresh new color. This is where I start creating a new look on a fresh new canvas. My go to lightening for this new canvas, is usually balayage or sombre to start. This all depends on the amount of lighter color you want to add. By starting with these two techniques, just some light hand painting is done to create dimension and a pop of lightness to the hair. Whether it is a lighter brown, caramel, honey blonde, light blonde, bright red or whichever color you choose, using these customized techniques adds just enough additional color to bring a light dimensional look to your canvas. Balayage and sombre are among the most natural hair color looks as well. The hair is naturally lighter on the mid lengths and ends. Even if you do not color your hair, if you were to pull up the ends of your hair and compare it to the roots it will most likely be a full 1 to 3 shades lighter. This is due to sun exposure. The sun naturally lightens the hair, so adding some balayage and sombre is the perfect choice for a more natural look. Visit my Pinterest page (www.pinterest.com/aspenluxesalon/) or my website (www.aspenluxesalon.com) to see beautiful examples.

Seasons bring opportunity to refresh our color. Maybe bring in something new you have never tried. Getting outside the box can be a bit scary, but the results are amazing. What ideas do you have for a new fresh spring look? Share your thoughts and ideas with me 🙂