Love is in the air!

Can you believe February has arrived? Did everyone watch the Super Bowl? What a game! There is also another special day in February, Valentine’s Day. Why some may believe this holiday to be cliché or just another day, others enjoy the little romantic gestures this holiday brings. Although I think these “little things” should be done often, not just one dedicated day per year, I do like the enjoyment Valentine’s Day brings. Who doesn’t love beautiful flowers, decadent chocolates, gift cards to the spa, special dinner, and more? Whether you enjoy some of these or maybe you have your own list of little things that mean something to you, everyone likes to feel special, appreciated, and loved. What is your list of little things that make your day and give you that special feeling of love?

For Valentine’s Day, a lot of women take extra time on their appearance. Hair for an example. What is your favorite style? If you have long hair, the go to styling is big flowing waves or a fish tail braid slightly pulled apart to add drama. Or maybe you have short hair, head band braids or a low chignon may be elegant. No matter what length your hair is, there are endless options for a fun, beautiful style for a special occasion. So what is the key to achieving these styles? Great products! To start, I prefer a clean head of hair. Some like to stat with “dirty” hair, but this can weigh down the hair and prevent a long lasting style. Therefore I start with shampooing and conditioning. Afterwards, I like to use Pureology Colour Stylist Root Lift before blow drying. This gives amazing volume for any hair type. Use a round barrel brush to blow dry. Another important factor to a great style is texture. Texture is essential to styling! This helps hair hold into place longer and is achieved on your freshly blown out hair. My go to product for this is Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator. Made from Bamboo and Coconut, the aroma is amazing and gives the hair a natural textured look with no “white powder” residue. To finish, you can use a stronger hair spray than usual to lock the hair into place. If needed, you can add some shine. For this I either use, Davines Definition Mist or This Is a Shine Wax. Depending on the style, the Definition Mist would be a great addition to the long wavy look. The Shine Wax is better for the chignon, headband braid look, or any updo style. Just keep in mind, more is not always better. Start with a small amount, you can always add more!

No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day are, these hair tips are good for any special occasion. I hope these ideas will help with styling and adding something new to your hair regimen. Everyone loves good hair days!

Happy Valentine’s Day!