The new year as arrived. Out with the old, and in with the new. Do you have new goals to reach or planning any new adventures for this year? I love setting new goals and exploring new adventures. Something new for me for example is I am beginning a new adventure with blogging. I am not experienced with blogging but I feel we can grow together. I am so excited to share my knowledge and professional opinion with hair, makeup, and skin care. There is an abundant amount of information out there to explore. If there is anything I appreciate more, it is honesty. I am always searching for relevant and honest material. I hope you will enjoy these posts and continue to take on the new year with me.

The time has come to explore new coming trends. Have you seen any new hairstyles? Granted it has only been four days, so it is unlikely there have been many changes. Although, the Golden Globe awards are just around the corner and I am curious to see the new trend setting hairstyles and fashion statements to come. It is interesting to see how styles change throughout the years. I love the film industry because there are always talented people setting new trends for us to desire. One of my favorite actresses, Sandra Bullock, is always styled to perfection. I love how she embraces her natural hair color with little enhancements. Such as, a simple glossing treatment. This can always add that extra shine to hair to create depth and a rich look. Or maybe adding some highlighting around the face can also bring out the beautiful glow within your skin and hair. There are so many simple tricks that can add to your over all hair style. Having beautiful hair color and a great style is a confidence booster for all women. Who doesn’t want to leave home everyday and feel beautiful and confident? I do! Not for others, but for myself. I have evolved over the years being a hair stylist, creating new hair styles and natural makeup techniques. Having beautiful hair and skin is one of my top priorities. It is a great self-esteem builder. I love to make each and every person feel beautiful and positive about their hair and skin. Everyone deserves to smile and be confident within. So, if I can help with that, my job is a success. 


Take the time this year to treat yourself. You are beautiful, and you should feel beautiful every day. If there is something you desire to enhance your appearance, go for it. There is no time like the present. 


Thank you for reading my first blog,